Trends Hitting Gardens This Year

The weather in the UK can be a fickle mistress but we are finally making the move from Spring into the Great British Summer and with that it is now time to step back out into our gardens. Like many we will be dusting off the gardening gloves and getting stuck in but what are some of the biggest trends to hit gardens in 2017. Here is what to expect.

Bold Colours

Inside this years its all about Neutral colours but outside is a different story. The Brighter the better. Stop thinking about creams and start using pinks, electric blues, bursting reds, sunshine yellows and vivid oranges. You garden will be the envy of all your neighbours.

Climate Mindfulness

There are a number of different varieties of flowers that save on water. Why not introduce some of them into your garden. Some of these plants are absolutely stunning so you don’t needs to sacrifice on colour to be mindful of the climate.

The Kitchen

Start thinking about bringing what you grow in to your kitchen. In 2017 we think there will be a massive amount of people growing their own fresh fruits and vegetables. I know it sounds daunting at first but there a loads of vegetables and herbs that you can really easily and wont take over your garden.

A Blend of High and Low Maintenance

We think think this year we will see garden starting to a beautiful blend low maintenance and high maintenance plants. A blend of Roses and Itoh Peonies. The use of Roses and Wisteria will start to rejuvenate outdoor spaces this year.

Colour Changers

With the changing of the seasons this years top style trend for gardens is colour changing conifers. Lush greens in the summer time twisting and turning throughout the year and changing to purples, bronzes and oranges. These chameleon conifers hit gardens last year but we don’t think their popularity will diminish anytime soon and this year will be no different.

There you have it. Some of our top trends for 2017. Pardon the pun but these will grow throughout the year so make sure you are ahead of the curve and be the envy of all your neighbours with you bright, bold and stylish garden. Happy Summer.



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