Garden Furniture Buyers Guide

Your outdoor space is important and picking out the perfect furniture for your garden is key to making the most of the space you have. Before you head out and buy the first thing you see, consider a few things. For example what do you use your outdoor space for? Is it for the kids to burn off some energy or is it for entertaining friends in the summer time? It could be for both. Here are some things to think about when picking out your perfect garden furniture.


A garden is for enjoyment but it also needs to be practical. Take the time to measure out your garden so that there is enough room for the furniture you want but also for your family and guest to walk around. Buying something large may look like the best option but things can get uncomfortable quickly if your are constantly rearranging seats to let people past.

When winter makes an appearance where will your furniture go. Storage is another important thing to consider. Can it be folded? Can it be stacked? Will it fit in your garage? Does your furniture need to be covered to protect it from the frost and snow.  If you want to get the most out of your garden furniture take these things into consideration. That way it will always look great when the summer finally does returns and you wont have to purchase something new next year.


There a four widely used materials for garden furniture but which one is right for you?

Wooden Garden Furniture is timeless. It is always in style like leather jackets. It doesn’t heat up in the summer sun but it will need treated every year to protect it from water damage and warping.

Rattan Effect Furniture is really popular. It is made from woven pieces of coated plastic which keep the traditional look of Rattan in mind. It is lightweight and weather resistant. A lovely feature of this is that it can be kept outdoors in the winter which is always nice for drinking coffee on those clear, bright and frosty mornings.

Metal Garden Furniture is very durable and low maintenance although it is always good practice to take precautions against rust.  Storing metal furniture can be a lot easier than other materials. Folding chairs and dissembling tables are a key feature metal garden furniture has that other materials might not have.

Plastic Garden Furniture is durable and lightweight. It is also a cheaper option than its counter parts. Plastic furniture can warp if exposed in sunlight for extended periods of time but otherwise its is weather resistant.

Types of Furniture

This is the first thing many consumers will think about. Are garden parties your thing? Then you’ll need a table and chairs. Most designs can come with anything from 2 to 8 chairs for large and small social gatherings.

Is your garden all about rest and relaxation? Make those summer days long and lazy with a set of sun loungers or if you really want to kick it up a notch then invest in a hammock. No one ever looks stressed while lying in a hammock.

If your space is multi-use then maybe a garden bench or arbour is more suited. That way you can enjoy lunch outdoors with the kids and entertain at night.


There is a multitude of different accessories out there for every garden. A free standing parasol can be perfect for creating shaded space away from the your table and chairs while a retractable awing is also a good choice for those with younger children. Cushions come in all shapes, styles and designs if you want to add an extra bit of comfort to your outdoor space.

Once you have made your choice then its time to hit the shops. With all this information your perfect patio furniture is only a click away.


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