This Years Kitchen Trends

Some say the kitchen is the most important room in your house. If that is true then you will want your kitchen to be stylish and looking great. We had a look at some of the biggest trends hitting kitchens this year.

Dark Flooring

Natural wooden flooring always look good. Staining those floors a deep dark tone is one of this years must have features. Deep Mahogany tones are in. Light Pine tones are out.

Grey Matters

Compliment your dark brooding floor with light greys and blues. Add an air of sophistication but introducing grey undertones and replacing stark white in your kitchen this year.

Metal on Metal

Keep things looking rustic this year buy using raw metals in your kitchen. Coppers and Steel is where it is at so think about revamping your oven hood or bringing in some copper utensils.

Reclaimed Wood

Wood always looks great in a kitchen but this year we expect to see more of the reclaimed look. Deep grooves, grains and cavities will keep kitchens looking great this year, The more texture in the wood the better.

Hiding Appliances

Hiding all your modern appliances behind cabinets makes everything look flush and seamless. This year think it is about tucking away the technology and keeping it out of sight in your kitchen.

Paint it Black

If you are planning on buying new appliances this year then you want wont to be hiding them away. Chrome can take over a kitchen quite easily but luckily enough major appliance manufacturers have taken this into consideration and released ovens, refrigerators, microwaves, toasters and even sinks in deep black colours, a must have for this year.

If the kitchen is the heart of your home then take these tips and go forth. Use them for inspiration and make your kitchen beautiful this year. Another top tip is why not create a pinterest account if you don’t already have one. Pinterest is stacked full off ideas, themes, decors, styles and inspiration for every corner of your home. Pin it to your board for later and keep those creative juices flowing.

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