Giving Your Home That Modern Look

Whether you like it or not, sometimes your home just needs a makeover, although before you go out and spend your entire budget on the less important factors of home decoration, you should look at what are the more important things to get.
At Garden n Home, we’ll see you right, as we have created a list of what our interior and decoration experts consider to be the things that you should be buying first in the process of your transformation.

Get the sofa replace

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Where other people might suggest that the first thing on your list should be painting the walls and replacing the carpet, we at Garden N Home disagree with this, as you’ll be then spending your time looking for a sofa and furniture which will have to go around your new colour scheme, which will serious limit what you have to choose from in sofa options. If you go out and buy the sofa first, which is the true heart of the living room, you’ll have an easier time with the tasks afterwards.

Eliminate old radiators

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One of the secret ingredients to possessing a modern interior for your home is having great looking radiators which are sleek and stylish. You can’t go wrong with installing vertical designer radiators to your kitchen and living room. As well as looking great, these radiators are also a great way to cut back on your energy bill, as can operate on low energy settings whilst still providing effective heat for the house. If you are looking for a wide selection of radiators to match with your style and interiors, check out Trade Radiators, who have a wide selection of radiators from vertical and horizontal to radiators in unique shapes and sizes.

The carpet and walls

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Something which can make your home instantly feel more fresh and modern is updating the carpet and the paint on the walls. When you are updating the colour of your rooms, our interior experts suggest that you go for a neutral colour, as it doesn’t put any caps on what you can later include in your room, whilst still not exposing a clash of colours.

Include plants to your interiors

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One of the new modern methods of decoration is to go for a more natural approach to your interiors. Instead of going out and buying Ikea Indian ornaments for your living room, think to yourself, will I get sick of this in around 3 years and want to decorate it again, the answer is probably yes. Including plants to your living space doesn’t only help with adding a natural burst of colour into the room, it also has been linked with health mental and psychical health benefits.
What do you think is important when aiming to give your home that modern look? Do you agree that the things we have listened achieve just this or do you disagree? Let us know in the comments below!

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