10 ways to keep your house warmer

Nobody wants to be cold at Christmas and no one wants to run up a massive heating bill either. Why don’t you check out some of these tips on keeping your house warmer during winter?

1. Eliminate floorboard draughts

One of the best ways to get rid of draughts in the floorboards is to seal up all the gaps by caulking under the skirting. You can also insert draught strips between the floorboards.

2. Draught-proof doors and windows

Get yourself some Draught proof doors and windows this Christmas! The average house can lose up to 30% of its heat through entry points like doors and windows. Make sure you’re careful so you have proper ventilation though.

3. Check your loft insulation

Loft Insulation is the next biggest thing to save heat. The standard thickness for loft insulation is 270mm but you should up that to 300mm. You can lose up to 10% of your homes heat through the loft. If you add more insulation you can reduce this to just 3%.

While you’re at it you can get cavity barriers. These reduce fire spreading in through the walls of buildings. Places like http://www.gercofas.co.uk/ can offer this.

4. Insulate floors

Put insulation under your floor boards too. This isn’t too expensive but you can save a lot of heating this way too. You can also get heating for under your floorboards.

5. Improve glazing

Double or secondary glazing will reduce heat loss by up to 70%. If you have old windows have been rotting away, you really should replace them with double glazing.

6. Deflect lost heat

You can put aluminum behind your radiators that reflect heat back into the house. You lose so much heat through the walls and simply putting special strips behind the radiator will reduce the loss of heat. You can use tin foil to save money but this won’t be as effective.

7. Preventative Measures Against Pipe Freezing 

A burst pipe is an absolute disaster. The very last thing you want at is your pipes bursting during winter. You can get heater tape that you can wrap around the pipes and this prevents them from bursting because there frozen!

8. Add curtain lining

You can thermally line your curtains and reduce your heat loss by up to 14%

9. Programmable thermostats

These are great and are a low cost option for keeping your bills low. Rather than fiddling with your thermostat you can program it to turn off nad on. This ensures your house stays at a good temperature and might actually save you money too.


If you follow all these tips you can reduce your heat loss by up to 80%! and a lot of them aren’t that dear to implement. Don’t be cold this winter!

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