Top Home Trends for This Winter

With fewer than seven weeks till Christmas (yes, really!) people are properly gearing up for autumn and winter. The clocks have turned back, ensuring the sun sets in the middle of our afternoon, and the leaves are falling of the trees at an alarming rate. This is usually the time of year I feel the urge to spruce up my home and make it cosy for the winter months to come. I bring out an excess amount of pillows and throws, fairy lights and candles to create a homely feel. I also browse other blogs and websites for inspiration. After many hours on Pinterest, I decided it was time to share my favourite trends for this winter with you all.

Copper, Rose Gold and Other Metals

Metallics have been around for a while now, but it continues to be one of my favourite interior trends. No longer reserved for the high end shops, many high street retailers are offering affordable décor pieces with metallic accents. Coffee tables, lamps, picture frames, even tiny metal and glass terrarium pieces are becoming a statement item. And I simply love it! Oliver Bonas has become a favourite to browse because they have some amazing picture frames with a metallic frame, like this one:

Bringing Outdoors In

Owning houseplants is actually a trend now with many people eager to jump the bandwagon. There is no denying having plants and seasonal flowers in your home can make your house come alive. I certainly have made it a habit to buy freshly cut flowers every week or so. Sometimes to add a pop of colour to my living room, but also because it doesn’t feel complete without it. With Christmas not far off, poinsettia plants will start appearing in many shops and many homes. Websites like Bloom Magic have caught onto this trend too, offering flower delivery services across the UK – ideal if you want to send your family on the other side of the country a lovely bouquet for Christmas. Succulents are another category of plants that has absolutely boomed in popularity. Not only are they widely available in flower shops and home furnishing shops, even local supermarkets are catching on and selling them now!

50 Shades of Blue & Grey

Where I used to love bright colours and managed to create a chaotic hotchpotch of different pieces, my personal taste has since then toned down a little. Although I used to prefer a throw with bright red, green, yellow and blue (I wish I was kidding), I now much prefer greys and blues. The fact that these colours have since then risen in popularity suits me just fine. Not only is this a popular colour for feature walls or furniture, it is also much used in a wide range of home accessories, such blankets, pillows, rugs and bedding. Shops like Ikea have obviously caught on and are selling an amazing array of grey and blue accessories, including this blue rug:


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