The hottest cities in the world to live right now

Across the world, modern and bustling cities and waiting to be explored, offering many opportunities and lifestyle options to enjoy the finer things in life. Stroll along the palm lined streets of Los Angeles, walk around the Sydney Opera House or sit and watch the world go by from a chic café in London. Whether you are you buy for yourself, to rent or want a weekday flat to live in if you work in the city, get in on the action and steal a piece of the cake for yourself.

So, you know you want to buy in one of the world’s biggest cities – but where to look and what type of property to purchase?

London, UK

 Yep it’s all about location. Many have been turning their attention to London, which boasts amongst the best stock of housing opportunities in the world.

There’s never been a better time to buy in London – this fantastic metropolis of culture, entertainment, history and a vibrant commercial environment makes the UK capital one of the hottest property spots in the world. Purchasing property in London is a great investment – the market is expected to slump in 2018 by 2%, so take advantage of lower prices and grab yourself a bargain investment. Why not consider new build developments such as Lincoln Square from Lodha Group. Or, analyse regeneration areas where many are seeking out commercial opportunities, transport links are better connected and cafes and restaurants are scoping out new premises.



Sydney, Australia

 In recent months, property prices in the city of Sydney have dropped and this incline is set to continue. Many claim the market is expected to go through peaks and troughs and should be expected to slow down for a while – this has been also been triggered with new financial restrictions in Australia. Focus your search around the suburbs as

Across Sydney, listings are up 30 per cent year-on-year, with developments planned several years ago coming, now finally being listed on the market. More choice is evident in the suburbs as houses and apartments are plentiful in the suburbs of North Sydney, Liverpool and Parramatta. Adjoining suburbs also offer more variety, however purchasing property in this area will be very competitive.




Berlin, Germany

Many investors have had their sights set on the continent for some time now, with Germany, and in particular Berlin, being at the forefront of everyone’s plans. Real estate in Europe has been performing well, offering good returns on investment – due to better economies and higher inflation influencing demand. Generally property in Europe sells well competitively. The reunification of Germany with the east and west coming together, means that the Berlin market has naturally done very well over the past few decades. The legal system in Germany is very stable and strong, so investors are comfortable in the knowledge that their purchase will reap benefits. Foreign agents are regularly coming to the city to assess and buy up credible properties – this is your chance to invest too in one of the most dynamic and prosperous cities in Europe.






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