Luxury Bathroom Must Haves

Bathrooms are such an important aspect of every household. They are often an underappreciated room, but a bathroom redesign can add a lot of value to your home.

If you want to add some elegance to your bathroom, this guide will give you some insight into a curated list of bathroom “must haves”, and hopefully if you’re redesigning your bathroom or just want to add something extra to your existing bathroom, this guide will be helpful.

Quality Set of Towels

Getting a high-quality set of bath towels will add a lot of sophistication to your bathroom. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing to you and your guests, they will make your bathing experience much better by adding some extra softness to wrap around yourself afterwards.

Utilising Storage

If you’ve ever noticed in a hotel bathroom, they are always extremely luxurious and it’s not always down to the fixtures or fittings. Hotel bathrooms tend to have a minimalistic feel, this is down to the lack of clutter.

Home bathrooms that are lived in tend to contain a lot of items, so to emulate a luxurious hotel bathroom isn’t quite doable with so much stuff that your bathroom must contain. To minimise this clutter though, investing in some quality storage can hide a large majority of your bathroom items and give it a hotel-esque minimalism feel.

Most furniture or bathroom stores will offer a storage section. Argos offer a range of bathroom storage also.

Luxury Bath

Investing in a luxurious bathing fixture will be an amazing addition to your bathroom. There are many options when choosing your premium bath, but if you want to add a real element of luxury, choosing a whirlpool bath could be exactly what you need.

Whirlpool baths use jets to create a circulating motion with the water. These types of baths have multiple health benefits including helping relieve stress and helping circulation and muscle issues.

Luna Spas have a range of Quantum Whirlpool Baths available to choose from.


A bathroom absolute must have is a mirror. Having at least one mirror is necessary for you and your guests in order to apply make-up and teeth cleaning.

Mirrors are also able to reflect natural light, making a room appear larger and brighter. So, the more mirrors in a bathroom, the more opportunity to make the space look larger and brighter than it actually is.

Sophisticated Heating

Underneath the floor, placing in-floor heating means that instead of cold morning feet against your bathroom tiles, you’ll have luxuriously toasty feet instead. It works to make the whole room feel warmer as well.

Another plus for this type of technology is that there is no radiator which can be an unsightly, eye sore. It can also free up some space for added bathroom fixtures.

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