A good financial plan for a new house

Turning the key on your brand new home is an amazing feeling. You’ll be overwhelmed with joy and this can cloud our judgment sometimes. Its natural for us to want to make our new home look and feel great so we splash out. However, one thing to keep in mind is while things are lovely nice and new just now they won’t be in a few years when you’re still paying off the debt.


Heres some tips

1. Don’t Overspend on Furniture and Remodeling 

You’ve literally just handed over a massive portion of your life savings for a down payment and moving expenses. Moneys probably tight for new first time home owners so not only are your savings depleted your money expenses are most likely higher too.

Everybody wants to personalise their new home and thats fine but don’t go take finance out of a £600 new couch.

2. Don’t Ignore Important Maintenance Items

There is now no landlord to phone if your roof has a leak or your boiler breaks. Try restrain yourself from purchasing non essential items and put that cash into a maintenance fund.. a rainy day fun.. a savings account. Keep money aside in case disaster ever strikes.

3. Hire Qualified Contractors

Don’t save money by making improvements or repairs yourself. If you’re not qualified and mess it up it could be a tad more expensive.

4. Don’t Confuse a Repair with an Improvement

Not all home expenses should be treated the same. Don’t mistake repairs with an improvement. Adding air conditioning or fixing the broken roof before it breaks might be a good investment.

7. Get Properly Insured

Get properly ensured! Seriously! Mortgage insurance, life insurance, and house insurance are all great investments for any new homeowner. Let’s say a few years down the line you lose your job, how are you going to pay for your mortgage payments? or let’s say you become ill and can no longer work, again how will you manage it? This is where mortgage insurance comes into play.

If you pass away how will your other half afford the full mortgage payments himself? Chances are he won’t manage it. If you pass away mortgage protection insurance will pay out a lump sum leaving your house for your love ones. This offers everyone great relief when times are tough.  Check out hello.ie for help on insurance.


Bottom Line

Being a homeowner brings many responsibilities. You must manage your financials really well in order to keep your home protected and keep your family safe so don’t let the excitement of being a new homeowner cloud your judgment.


Introduce flowers and plants to the home

Flowers are a happy thing and often make us smile. They can bring joy and happiness! Did you know patients in the hospital who have flowers in their room need less medication, aren’t as tired and had lower Blood Pressure.

A university study found that there is a link between flowers and your satisfaction in life. The more you’re around flowers the happier you will be. It’s funny that isn’t! the 1960’s activists that raved about “flower power” were onto something. See we’ve always intuitively known flowers are good for us. When someone dies we get the ones grieving flowers. When someone is ill we often get them flowers. When its mothers day or even just a spontaneous gift to cheer up the wife – we gift flowers.

Having flowers in your house will increase happiness, reduce depression, reduce anxiety and increase the communication between your friends and family. It’s like this happy drug and being in its presence will give you positive benefits.

Another study, this time by Harvard University found that flowers increased compassion, reduced negative feelings and increased energy. Another study proved that flowers and plants in the work place encouraged creativity and improved problem-solving skills.

So other than flowers and plants being known to contribute to beautifully decorated interior spaces but they also provide health benefits too. Flowers are a great finishing touch to any space and can add life and color.

If I haven’t already convinced you yet I’m really hoping the next couple of images really persuade you to introduce flowers to your home.


How nice does this table look? The flowers match the green table cloth! Everything from the shape of the plates to the colour scheme of the room is good.


How amazing is this dining area though! The chairs go so well with the floor and the bricked wall matches the floor too! The flowers/plants in this room are a great highlight as well.

Just remember as well, you don’t need to have flowers gifted to you. You can buy them yourself and honestly I think everyone should have a couple of plants in their house. Plants clear the air and you can actually get certain plants that are great at specific jobs. For example, the Spider plant is brilliant at removing formaldehyde and xylene. The Garden Mum can remove ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde, and xylene. You’ve also got Dracaena, Ficus, Peace Lily and so much more that do such a good job too.

So hopefully by now I’ve convinced you! why don’t you check out Bloom Magic Flowers and see what you can find!